Where to Find Good Window Treatment Service in Miami

Are you thinking of installing new curtains or blinds to your windows? While you may be enticed to take your drill and try to install your window curtains and blinds yourself, this is a complex task that calls for a professional service.

Even a slight error in calculating measurements can ruin your DIY efforts and cause a disastrous loss of money. It is even more critical to get an expert do the task for you when you have multiple windows.

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Window treatment is a task that consumes time, and you may not have much time. Additionally, you need to have the correct tools to undertake the work. However, you do not have to spend on specialized tools that you will probably never use again. Here are some of the most trusted names in window treatments in Miami.

Bricken Management, LLC

It is a window treatment company that is owned and operated by locals, and it has an experience of over 20 years. The business prides itself of integrity and honesty in all their business attributes. They provide various window treatment services that are custom-made to each specific project.

The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, and building long-lasting relationships with their customers to guarantee their satisfaction.

Alexx Blinds

Alexx Blinds is a local family owned and managed business that has been serving South Florida residents for over 25 years. They provide customized window treatment services to ensure your satisfaction as a customer.


They offer a variety of custom-made products and services at a low price, and they help you choose the best depending on your tastes and preferences.

Blinds & Shades by Martha

This is a locally owned window treatment company that boastfully serves residents of North Bay Village and the surrounding areas. They feature several years of expertise in this field and have confidence in the reputation they create after every project.

Furthermore, they offer high-quality products and services at a cheap cost. If you are a Miami resident looking for a reliable and friendly service Blinds & Shades by Martha is highly recommended.

Concept Group

This window treatment business prides itself of high-quality work, integrity, excellent communication, and reliability. They work their best to make you satisfied by providing you with information on your specific project or task.

Best Blinds & More

This company is very emphatic in its tasks. You can depend on them to offer you outstanding service at a reasonable and fair cost. They understand that their future depends on their reputation and that is the reason they prioritize customer service. If you want to hire a professional window treatment service you can trust, you should consider calling Best Blinds & More.

S Day Blinds

S Day Blinds is another locally owned and operated company that offers window treatment services to Miami residents.

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They provide outstanding customer service through high-quality performance, excellent communication, and attention to particulars.


The task of selecting the best local dealer specializing in window treatment services in Miami is tedious. But, the list above can help you find the best services since it has been developed based on research. You can choose from either of them depending on their area of specialization to enjoy their custom-made services.