Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom

In decorating bedroom, there are different things to consider and do. The first thing is choosing the right color scheme for your bedroom. If it is possible, choose the colors of your walls and furniture in the bedroom which will give a sense of harmony. Then, choose the design and patterns for your furniture. If you want more ideas about how to decorate a bedroom, read on.

Decorate bedroom door

Bedroom doors should be harmonious and beautiful. In decorating bedroom interior decoration, the bedroom door should complement the surrounding furniture and must not be out-of-place. For instance, if your bedroom has contemporary furniture, then the bedroom door must also have modern design. Otherwise, the door will be out-of-place with the rest of the furniture and will give the impression that the bedroom is an ordinary room.

Your bedroom door is very important in interior design. The bedroom is the place where you relax after a hard day’s work. Therefore, the bedroom door should be something you can feel comfortable and inviting at the same time. You must take time when deciding how to decorate a bedroom door.

Decorating a bedroom door can also be done by using decorative nails. Hanging decorative nails on the door will make it more attractive. Hanging decorative nails will add a unique touch to your bedroom decoration. In decorating it by using decorative nails, use three to four inch nails for bigger and bolder nails.

Bedroom door stickers are another way to decorate a bedroom door. You can decorate a door using bedroom door stickers by sticking the sticker on the door before it was hung. If you are not sure how to decorate a door with a sticker, you can ask help from interior designers or home makers. You can purchase ready-made door stickers from a local store or order them online using your desktop printer.

Custom wall decals and curtains are another way of decorating a bedroom door. In decorating it by using a custom door sticker, paint or stencil, use the right colors. You can ask for help from local painters or even ask them to make some samples for you. When purchasing custom stickers and stencils from an online store, check the quality of the stickers or stencils. Try to check the material of the stickers or printouts.

Use curtains and valances

Using curtains and valances is the most common solution for decorating a bedroom door. You can decorate a bedroom door using curtains and valances by hanging curtains or a valance over the door. In decorating it using curtains, hang three to four inches thick cotton curtains on the door. In order to make it more appealing to the eyes, hang matching valances. If you want to add more color and style to your decor, you can use beads, floral, and lace designs or even tie red and white ribbons to the curtains.

Use decorative stickers

Decorating your bedroom by using decorative nails and stickers is easy. Just choose the right decal which can make your door look elegant. Before buying the sticker and stencil, find out from the retailer the size of the sticker and the size of the decorative nail you will use. You can buy a single decorative nail or you can buy a combination of three or more different types of decorative nails.

Make sure to choose the right sticker that will fit on the door. In decorating a bedroom door, you can use small sticker at the bottom part of the door where the edge meets the frame. Large ones are available for covering the whole door. Another kind of door stickers are the long ones, which are almost similar with the short labels.

Since custom stickers and door hangers are easy to apply, there is no need to pay much attention to their proper application. You just need to decide on which part of the door to decorate using the stickers and stencils, then choose the perfect design, size and color of the sticker. Remember that before applying any type of sticker or stencil, clean the surface properly so that no streaks are left after you apply it.

Choose the right colors

The last but not the least is to choose the right hues and shades for using wallpaper and curtains in your bedroom. It is always important to match the hues and shades with your room colors and theme. You can also try to make a color scheme or combination out of these materials by using complimentary color of paint or fabric. If you still have trouble in choosing the right shades or hues for your bedroom door, you can consult an interior designer. With his help, you can choose the best combination that would be appropriate for your bedroom.