How To Choose Hurricane Window Protection

How To Choose Hurricane Window Protection

Hurricane windows offer your family protection from a potentially dangerous situation if a high-grade hurricane ever comes to your town. They were developed after the 1992 Hurricane Andrew, which devastated South Florida and Miami.

You can protect your home from debris and winds with hurricane windows. If you want the best in storm protection, then you should upgrade to hurricane proof windows.

Reasons to Buy Hurricane Windows.

Protecting your house from water damage or wind damage during a major storm is one of the best reasons to upgrade to hurricane windows, but there are other reasons as well. Broken windows cause major damage in and of themselves and when flying debris breaks a window, which can cause high-pressure air to come inside your house. This high-pressure air can then blow out more windows or even lift off your rooftop.

Many times people try to protect their homes with shutters or use plywood to board up their windows every year. You expend a lot of time and money by boarding up your home every time a storm approaches.

You don’t need to waste time and money over and over when you install hurricane windows to protect you. You will be ready all the time, and if you need to evacuate, you can leave your home and focus on your safety.

You are also given extra protection from potential burglary when you use this kind of window. They are very difficult to break into because of the durability as well as their construction and attachment to your house. Many times you can even get a break on homeowner’s insurance if you have these kinds of windows. Ring your agent to see if you would be eligible for this type of discount.

You can also protect your family and property from UV rays with these windows. UV rays will fade your drapes and furniture. You will also experience less noise pollution as a result of these windows.

The durability of Hurricane Windows

Two layers of laminated glass are put together with a piece of plastic film that is in between the glass to create a hurricane window. Even if the glass shatters, this plastic will stay there and keep rain and window from coming inside your house.

To make sure your hurricane windows are effective, they go through impact tests to make sure they can withstand both a small or large impact. These are akin to debris hitting your window during a storm.

Your hurricane windows can hold out against winds of 130 mph, as well as any debris which may be traveling this fast. You can also buy a hurricane window for your skylights or your patio doors to make sure your entire house is made safe.

Professional installation is key for your protection with this product, so make sure to hire the right hands who are