Smooth Ways to Make your Bedroom Look Vintage

Smooth Ways to Make your Bedroom Look Vintage

There’s no doubt that the vintage look is making a huge comeback, both in terms of fashion and design. It is almost turning into a standalone subculture on its own, regardless of the niche, social context, and location. This comes as no surprise as not that many trends can pull off that whimsical, sleek, out-of-place yet relevant feel – all at the same time. Naturally, home improvement trends follow suit, thus making the retro look one of the most coveted ones when it comes to interior design. Of course, personal style and taste play a pivotal role here, but the vintage look somehow manages to feel appropriate, warm and cosy in almost any context. 

For those who seek effortless ways to spice things up in their bedroom, design-wise that is, we have several tips and tricks to make your bedroom look and feel vintage. 

Set Up your Budget Beforehand

Before you start this exciting project, make sure to get a financial estimate on how much money this renovation endeavor would cost you. Set up your budget cap and then divide the project into smaller, sub-tasks that you wish to achieve. Only then will you be able to optimize your spendings by allocating sufficient funds to each of them according to your overall budget. Otherwise, you will either go overboard and spend more money than you can afford, or certain tasks will have to suffer and end up being only partially finished. 

Start with the Furniture

Bedroom furniture should be the very fulcrum of you project, there’s simply no way around it. Once you’ve opted for the desired vintage theme, you can pick the right bed, closet, nightstand, and other pieces of furniture that you plan to harbor in your new bedroom. Take into account that coming up with an appropriate theme and then choosing the furniture pieces that match can be a bit tricky. Pay close attention to detail and be sure to keep both structure and design consistent in order to achieve genuinely authentic vintage look. Mixing together different themes and eras can easily backfire.  

Opt for Appropriate Lighting 

Lighting can pretty much make or break the exquisite, vintage feel of your bedroom. Choosing the right set of lamps, chandeliers, lampshades and even light bulbs can enhance the comfort, appeal and the overall ambiance of your sleeping area; while going with the wrong kind of lighting can easily disrupt the entire vibe and ruin undertones of the retro feel you are trying to achieve. On a more technical note – make sure that you hire an experienced electrician as the lighting part of your project involves dealing with electrical installations and wiring. As Australia prohibits tackling electrical installations on your own, we strongly suggest that you contact an experienced electrician in Inner West, or other parts of Sydney, depending on your location, and work together on completing this aspect of your vintage bedroom look. 

Pick the Appropriate Colours

Much like the lighting can play a vital role in this type of design, the colors that your lighting will emphasize are just as important. Most renowned designers state that going with muted colours is the right direction for achieving the elegant, vintage look. Some of the most used colours in the soft vintage palette include: creamy white, soft blue, mint/moss green, creamy pink, palest lavender, buttery yellow, etc.  

Choose the Right Fabric 

The perfect mix of lighting, colouring and furniture design cannot be achieved without the use of suitable fabric. If you are going for a vintage look, chances are you will include cushions and upholstered bed(s). The fabric you will feature in your vintage design must fit in, both in terms of material and colour. 

Remember, achieving the retro look that is consistent and homogenous is only possible if you take all the moving parts into account and devote both time and money equally in all of the aforementioned subtasks. Do one thing wrong, and the entire structure may crumble like a house of cards.