5 Ways Planning A Same-sex Wedding

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Place Emphasis on Gay Traditions

When planning a same-sex wedding, it is essential to focus on the traditions that are considered norms within the gay community. It is essential to distance oneself from the traditions of society.

Some of the traditions of the society can prove to be disruptive to the whole wedding planning process. For instance, aspects such as who walks down the aisle first should be decided on the basis of the agreement between the parties and not the society’s traditions to avoid vulnerability to judgment.

Finding LGBTQ-Friendly Vendors

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The process of planning a same-sex wedding ceremony requires the confirmation of the friendliness of the venue selected. There are some states or even countries that are friendly to same-sex relationships and marriages. Therefore, the choice should ensure the friendliness so the ceremony in the subject venue.

Important Guests Should Know

The esteemed guests for the wedding should be adequately informed that the couple wedding is gay. It is inadvisable to rely on word of mouth to facilitate communication with the essential guests for the wedding such as friends, family, and the coworkers of the groom and bride.

Thus, the couple should endeavor to inform the important guests at least personally to ensure they attend the wedding having such information.

Sureness of Legalities


The wedding planner is tasked with comprehensively understanding the legal aspects that affect the holding of the same-sex wedding. For instance, some states in the US have a legal framework governing same-sex marriages while other states have pronounced the process illegal, thus rendering the ceremony similarly unlawful. Therefore, the wedding planning team should seek the legalities to be sure.

Generational Preference

Wedding planners have acknowledged that older gay couples are excited more about the fact that they can get married than the ceremony. On the other hand, young gay couples emphasize the ceremony. The understanding of the main focus of the couple is important in planning.