Simple Steps to Refinish Furniture

refinished wood furniture

How to refinish furniture involves some simple steps that need to be followed for the best results. Refinishing hardwood or solid wood is a very time-consuming project and requires the same process as when you were planning how to paint or clean your home.

However, refinishing furniture using paint or wood stain is easy. You just need to decide what color you want, a lighter color to achieve an original look and a darker color to achieve a more elegant or dramatic look. These days, people also use wood dyes in order to give a brighter shade, while a darker color produces a more dramatic effect.

Remove the old varnish or paint

The first step is to remove the old varnish or paint from the surface of your furniture. This will allow you to have a smooth surface to start working on your refinish furniture. When you are done with this, use fine sandpaper to remove the small amount of varnish remaining. After this, you will also need to remove the wax coating from the surface of the wood. You can do this by either using a special brush that scrapes off the wax easily or by using a regular broom, with the wetness coming from a spray bottle.

refinished wood furniture

Sand it if needed

If your old furniture piece already needs sanding, then you can start applying the wood restoration. After sanding your piece, you should clean it properly with a wood restoration product and warm water. This process should be done thoroughly and carefully. Using the correct equipment is very important when you do this procedure. Start by using a carpet knife with coarse sandpaper, and running it along the grain of the wood. When you feel that the sandpaper has reached its limit, you should use fine sandpaper in order to smooth out the scratches.

After the sanding procedure is done, you should rinse your furniture well with warm water and soap. For harder stains, you can always opt to apply furniture wax or furniture conditioner. Once you have applied these products, you should allow them to dry for 24 hours before you apply lacquer or paint to cover them. In order to protect your wood table, you should always remember to put covers over it when you are not at home.

Apply either oil or varnish-based sealant

Once you have taken this step, the next thing you need to do is to apply either oil or varnish-based sealant over the surface of the wood, depending on its original condition. However, if it has been several years since you applied the sealant, you may need to use a different type of product. To achieve the appropriate sealant, you may need to experiment with different types of sealants until you get one that is the most compatible with your original wood. If you are unsure, you may ask for professional advice.

refinished wood furniture

Treat it for staining

Now that your surface is ready, you can start treating it for staining. If you have already used the sealant and staining is still not successful, you can go back to using the liquid stain or the paint in order to obtain a good finish. Make sure that the stain you use is a solid color. In any case, you should use the same color as the rest of the pieces in order to avoid peeling. You may also experiment with different shades, but remember that lighter shades may peel off easily, while darker ones may last longer.

Apply lacquer coat and let it dry

Once you have successfully applied the lacquer coat on your old furniture piece, you can place it in an open area for drying. Then, you can paint your furniture if it would look better in your home. Leave it overnight to dry. During the day, it may start to peel, but you can speed up the drying process by leaving it out in the sun. Then, using a hairdryer, you can blow-dry the piece in order to prepare it for painting.