How to Incorporate More Plants into Your Office


Spending eight hours or more in the office can definitely be uncomfortable. Bearing in mind that the interior design of a room affects your overall mood, it is very important to make it the coziest that we can. Lately, everything we touch is deprived of true nature, meaning that we very often substitute natural features with artificial, such as the lighting, air, ventilation, etc. There is one way, however, to make your office space a bit more natural. Adding greenery to the place you work will not only affect your mood and make you more productive, but it will also enhance the overall feel and coziness of your working space. Take a look at some of the ways in which you can incorporate more plants into your office:

Buy low-maintenance plants

One way to actually incorporate more plants into your workplace is to actually go and buy some. Many make the mistake of skipping this step only because they think they have no green thumb, but the truth might be very different. Namely, there are low-maintenance plants that are perfect for any workplace, such as the ZZ plant that is not only pretty, but you also need to water it only once every two weeks. It is also said to be the plant that attracts money, which makes it a perfect choice for any office. Apart from this particular plant, there are many others that do not require much care and yet are very aesthetically pleasing.



Gift plants to your colleagues

Another way to make this happen is to always gift plants to your colleagues. This will encourage the purchase of plants for the office, and you will be giving the “obligation” of watering to someone else! Jokes aside, this is a great way to bring some greenery into your office space. Not all people love flowers, but plants are very dear to most of the people out there.


Ask for help

This is something that we don’t normally do because we are either embarrassed or we think it is not that important, but asking for help from professionals is a great way to make these changes. It is not only when you want to completely redecorate your office that you call professionals – this might be a great reason as well. There are companies that will help you create that biophilic design for offices that you have wanted for so long, and if your wish is really that big, you should definitely opt for this step. They will tell you which plants you can get and how to take care of them. You can also tell them your ideas and your wishes and they will make sure you reach a decision together.



Have focal walls installed

A focal wall, or a focal point, is an important part of any office, which is created in the best way if you hire professionals, as they are the people who know best how to create a focal point or a focal wall. Speaking of such walls, there are many workplaces and offices that have a wall that serves as a small garden, filled with many small beautiful plants that make the whole space much more interesting. This can evoke amazing feelings of being outdoors, yet you are not bringing in the dirt. This is also a great way to boost morale on a cold, winter day. 


Add more natural elements

Finally, you need to bear in mind that adding greenery to your office is not only buying plants and placing them around. If you really want to create a more natural environment, you would have to add some more natural materials, such as wood, stone and even water (perhaps in a way of a fountain). This will make you feel like you are outside, and they will give that special vibe in the office. Suffice it to say that everyone will like it and that it will make the productivity in the office skyrocket. People always feel much more motivated around plants than in offices that have no connection to the natural world whatsoever. 

These are just some of the ways in which you can make your office a much more interesting space first of all, and then a more natural one. If you do this, you will see that you and your employees will not only feel better but you will be more productive as well.