How Do You Keep Kids Busy On Road Trips

Cute little boy and his father is ready for a trip or a journey by car. They express their delight with a high-five gesture. Quality family time.

Traveling with kids is a great way to have fun while bonding as a family. However, the journey can be handy, especially for the driver. Finding fun ways to keep kids busy during the trip can make it easier for everyone.

Get some tips on how to distract your kids while traveling. Below is a great post to read.

Play games

There are several games you can play with the kids to keep them engaged. You can try Skittles. When a car a yellow car approaches, the first kid to shout kittles get a candy. You can also play the number plate game. Whenever you spot a car, tell your kids to guess the state of the vehicle. This way, the kids have fun while learning some geography.

Give kids a travel journal


One of the popular ways on how to keep kids busy is by giving them a travel journal. The kids can record every exciting thing about the journey. If the kid is not old enough to write, they can draw on the journal.

Carry a ball of soccer

During the stopovers, you can engage the kids in s simple football match. Running around enables the kids to release some of the anxiety. Also, running around makes them tired; thus, they can keep calm for the next few hours.

Let them take photos

If you have a kid’s camera, bring it along, and encourage the kids to take pictures. You can also give the kids your phone or camera, so they take some photos along the journey. Apart from distracting the kids, photos are a lasting memory.

Pack creative supplies

Little kid

Colouring books, crayons, paper, and pens are some of the things that you must include in your packing list. This way, the kids can paint something during the journey. Be creative while selecting the supplies, and make them attractive to kids.

Listen to music

Singing along to your favorite song is an excellent memory for the kids. Try and play kids-friendly music. Also, play some of your kids’ favorite songs, to keep them entertained.

Travelling can be both tendious and boring escpecially when you have kids on board. However, you need the above tips to keep them engaged and to add the charm on the trip.