How to Use Minimalism in Home Decor

living room decorated in the style of minimalism

We have all heard about minimalism and the effect it has on home decor. In fact, there is a whole new vocabulary for those who want to create a “minimal” style in their homes–and even in their workplaces! Does it matter what kind of effect you’re trying to achieve? It seems that a lot of people are confused about this whole thing, so let me help out. I’m going to talk a bit about what minimalist design is, how it applies to home decor, and how you can incorporate it into your own home.

a beige chair and a white table in minimalist home design

What is minimalism?

It really comes down to a couple of different things, but let me try to explain it as easier as possible. It’s a style where most pieces of furniture and other items in a room are really small and everything else is more or less the same height or size. For example, it might be that the coffee table is the same size and shape as the wall, but it’s really just a little thinner and not much more solid. You might also have a vase with flowers, which is the same height as the table, but it’s really nothing else.

So now that you know what minimalism is, you can apply it to your home decor in many different ways. One way that you can do this is to actually be minimal in your home. Pick out little pieces of furniture or items for every room that you have, and go with a “less is more” theme. If you find that you want more color or more things to fill up an empty space, then by all means add them in. Just don’t go overboard and put everything in your home that you can find, as you don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much clutter.

Using minimalism in home decor

Using minimalism in home decor is about avoiding the trappings of fashion and finding a balance between style and function. While it can be tempting to use the boldest colors in your space, using minimal colors, like pale green or white, can help to balance the vibrant colors in home decorating. By using a few well-placed accessories, like brightly colored window treatments or pillows of different colors, you can take advantage of the color palette that is already available in the majority of home decorating schemes. These small touches add interest without cluttering the space. As you are likely already aware, when your home is decorated in an organized and clutter-free manner, it is much easier for you to keep on track with keeping your home clean.

When using minimalism in home decor, it can be important to avoid the tendency to over-clutter. In particular, choosing to use mostly neutral colored furnishings, with a few bright and distinguished accent pieces can help to break up the appearance of clutter and give an illusion that space is less cluttered than it really is. Neutral colors, such as cream and eggshell, are often associated with simplicity and form, which make them ideal colors for any home decorating scheme. In addition to using mainly neutral colored furnishings, if you really want to add interest to your space, consider adding one or two unique pieces, such as a unique piece of artwork or family heirloom.

black table and two black chairs

As you can see, using minimalism in home decorating does not mean running out and buying everything in bold red. In fact, the bold colors that many people choose for their space can actually have the opposite effect, making it seem as though there is too much clutter in the room. The key to using minimal colors in your home decor is to choose a palette of colors that you find easy to live with. It might take some time to figure out what colors work best in your home, but in the end, you will be happy that you used minimalism in home decorating and your home is clutter-free!


If you have been trying to find the way get rid of unnecessary furniture and items in your home, and to leave only the things you actually use, maybe minimalism is for you. With this style of home decor, you will be apply to organize your home in both useful and stylish way.