Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

indoor plants near window

Indoor plants and flowers are an important part of creating a beautiful indoor environment. They add color and interest to a room, and many of them are actually easier to care for than their outdoor counterparts. The best indoor plants are those that have very specific requirements. Most indoor plants enjoy a sunny, warm place by a window, but sometimes we have included some that don’t like a little less light or would be happy living either in a shaded bathroom or even outdoors. If you’re thinking of having indoor plants or flowers in your home this year, read on for some tips to help make the choice easier.


Dracaena (dracaena rubra) is one plant that has proven itself time and again as one of the best indoor plants around. Some might say it’s a good idea to grow a lot of dracaena, since it will spread easily, and it is highly recommended that you prune it often. However, the thing you want to remember when growing dracaena indoors is to keep the branches trimmed since it spreads like wildfire when placed in the wrong conditions. Keep in mind that while it is an excellent plant to have and it will serve as a great accent item in your home, it can become a real pest if you let it take over, and that’s why it’s best to trim it regularly.

dracaena indoor plant

Columbines, tulips, gerberas, and violets

There are other indoor plants that grow well when kept in low light, such as Columbines, tulips, gerberas, and violets. All of these plants prefer light to moderate, and they do best in a potting medium that is less dense, such as gravel. These plants will grow quite well in most homes with a sufficient amount of light, though there is always a risk that they’ll attract more moths and attract a host of unwanted visitors if they have overly-bristled, multicolored petals. It’s always best to remove any blooms that are not pollinated, and only keep the male flowers in the potting mix for the time they need to mate.

orange tulips

Orchid and the spider plant

The two most common types of houseplants that tend to be eaten by insects are the orchid and the spider plant. The orchid, due to its likeness to a bride walking down the aisle, is a favorite insect target, so they prefer a lower light environment that offers indirect light. Spider plants prefer full sunlight, and they like the scent of the marigold in the soil, which is what they actually smell in the deeper levels of the soil. Both of these types of plants are easily grown in small containers indoors. Just remember that both of these varieties prefer a warmer climate than what is typically found in North American climates.

white orchid on table

Think of the insects

If you choose to grow a houseplant that doesn’t require too much care, you should consider what types of insects you would most like to attract to your home. Some insects, such as ladybugs, will kill plants quickly, so it is best to choose something that does not feed on the plant. Ladybugs, however, love the scent of citrus fruits, so if you have a plant such as this in your home, placing an orange or lemon-scented candle nearby on occasion will help deter them from visiting your home. Other insects that are easy to deter are flies and spiders. Spiders will probably eat any other houseplant, but a fly caught in the leaf or stem of a plant may be difficult for them to eat, so placing repellent around your house is one way to keep them away.

indoor plant

Many indoor plants will enjoy being sprayed with a mixture of water and vinegar, which is another great method of insect control. This can be used by itself, in a spray bottle, or placed in a spray tray attached to your faucet. Vassilkioti is another great insect controller that can be purchased at many stores. This is a wonderful solution for keeping aphids away from your indoor plant selections.

Other considerations to keep in mind when it comes to choosing to grow plants that attract insects are the type of hostas that are available, as well as the variety of colors that they prefer. If you want to attract the bedding spider mite, you will need to grow species of chrysanthemums that produce a powder that they lay on the undersides of the leaves. Alternatively, you can grow hostas that are native to your area that do not produce anytime or self-invading mites. Some of the most popular species of insects that attract your plants include whiteflies, grubs, ground beetles, carpet beetles, ants, and woodworms. The best way to attract these species is through planting hostas that are bred in your area and then providing them with a source of moisture, either through moist soil or a water spray.


If you are considering starting an indoor herb garden, be sure to consider a few other important considerations. First, the herbs generally do best in large pots rather than in grow beds. A potting mix that is rich in soil or medium fertilizer will help hold the weight of your plants and keep them healthy. Herbs such as basil, mint, chives, and tarragon do well in container gardening, but it is best to follow a system of hydroponic planting in order to ensure that they get the best of both worlds – the soil that they love and the plant food that nourish them.

Best Decorative Craft Ideas For Kids

making decorative craft

Decorative craft ideas for kids can range from painting to scrapbooking, to card making. Many creative and playful people are looking for new ways to pass their time, and many of these ideas can be done with basic materials that any child can use in a safe environment. This is what makes them so great for kids and parents alike. It’s just one more way to provide quality family time together.

Search on the Internet

If you search on the Internet, you will find many fun and creative ways to pass the time with your kids. You will be able to discover many different crafts that are perfect for kids of all ages. You might be surprised to find out that there are even crafts that are appropriate for teens.

Think about the interest of the child

When you start thinking about craft ideas for kids, you have to think about the interest of the child and their ability to be creative. Determine what their favorite thing to do is, and look for crafts that revolve around that theme. Whether they prefer to make things from scratch or are more comfortable using pre-packaged items, you will always find something they will enjoy.

Use craft books

One way to try and get them started is by using craft books. You can find these at your local library. Or, if you happen to live near a Wal-Mart, you can also find several books that focus on crafting themes. Make sure that the books are age-appropriate so that they are not too young or too old for your kids. There is nothing worse than seeing a kid wasting time while trying to learn something.

Let them pick out their own supplies

The next way to help your children get the best decorative craft ideas for kids is by letting them pick out their own supplies. Letting your kids choose the decorative items they want to make can be an enjoyable experience for both of you. It will let them feel like they are in charge of what they are making. They will also learn how to shop for supplies by choosing items based on their likes and dislikes. And, when they are finished, you will be able to show off their work to your friends.

As you can see, you have a few different ways to encourage your kids to pick up decorative craft ideas for kids. You can either get them to start by making crafts themselves, or you can let them shop for supplies to do it for them. You can also help them pick out their materials by having a craft competition. This is probably the best way to introduce them to the craft world.

decorative craft for kids

Make decorative things out of legos

Decorative craft ideas for kids can take many forms. You don’t have to limit yourself to painting, stitching, or baking. You can also think outside the box. If your kids are still inside playing, why not make some decorations out of Legos? Or maybe you could even have some fun with glitter to give your kids a hand-made dazzling ornament.

There are literally endless possibilities for how you can get started with your own craft projects. Decorative craft ideas for kids can help them understand concepts like colors, shapes, and how things are put together. This will make it much easier for them to build on this foundation and create their own unique creations. You can find many free patterns online as well as for instructions and suggestions for materials. There is no reason that your kids can’t become the next Elmer Fudd! Also, you can use these decorations to decorate their bedroom or any other room of the house. This will make them proud of their work and you will achieve a more homely atmosphere of your house.

Go to decorative stores

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, crafting can be a great way to bring your family together. You can spend hours sitting down with your kids, playing and fiddling with their new toys, and at the same time helping them to develop their own artistic talents. This is something that all families can enjoy. Many moms start a craft group when their children turn five or six. It is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and keep busy.

These days, there are even many stores that specialize in offering decorative craft ideas for kids. These days, there is no shortage of choices. You can choose from thousands of different patterns and kits. No matter what your budget is, you can find a kit and pattern that will be just right for your child.

To sum up

Don’t let your kid’s imagination simply run wild. Creative play should be encouraged and supported. Decorative arts and crafts can be a great way for you to encourage this sort of creativity within your children. Your kids will love to do it, and you will love watching them have fun.

How to Start Decluttering Your Home?

decluttered closet

When you start out decluttering, you are on your own in the beginning stages. It is hard to know where to start because decluttering means disorganizing and that is what you are doing when you begin it. So how do you get started and keep yourself motivated? What inspires you? When you start out decluttering home is self-care and knowing how to start and keep yourself motivated is half the battle.

What inspires you? Your family, maybe, or a special person in your life like a parent or grandparent? You want to find someone in your life that can keep you motivated to keep going and doing what needs to be done to decluttering home is self-care. It starts with you.

Take care of your kitchen and bathroom space

A simple way to start decluttering the home is to take care of your kitchen and bathroom space. Do not just throw away any clutter that you have in these areas. It may not be so easy to clean it up but it is worth the effort. Declutter your kitchen first by organizing the pantry, discard any unnecessary items, and clear out any cupboards. Leave only the things your kitchen needs. Do the same for your bathroom. When you are cleaning the area, try not to be too hard on yourself and just focus on doing the job right.

decluttered bathroom

Assign tasks to others

There are also tasks that you can assign to someone else to help you with. One way is to have them watch over the house while you are decluttering and doing your own tasks. Another option is to set up a time to meet with someone every week or month and discuss the decluttering tasks that need to be done and when. This can give you some added motivation to keep going with decluttering home and tasks.

Once you are ready to get started with decluttering home, you will need to get a list of the decluttering tasks that you want to accomplish. A quick notepad can help here. Write down what you want to do each day. A calendar can be helpful here as well. Remember to keep this list organized and to glance at it often to keep track of what needs to be done.

You may need to make some appointments to go over your decluttering home and tasks list before you get started. Your daily schedule should include your decluttering task list for the day, then any extra ones for the week, then any extra ones for the month, and lastly any special decluttering activities for that holiday. Make sure that you keep a reminder of all of these appointments so that you don’t forget anything important. You may need to make an appointment to have someone look over this area every month or so, especially if you’re just getting started.

decluttered workspace

Have a clean workspace in which to declutter

It’s also important that you have a clean workspace in which to declutter. If you declutter in a dirty room, you will end up procrastinating and not really getting the results that you desire. As with any habit, it’s important to make sure that you are not doing it in a place that you spend a lot of time. Your decluttering task lists should be as efficient as possible in such a place, otherwise, you are not going to feel like you are truly doing something.

You may find that you need to make more than one decluttering task list in order to cover all of the things that you want to accomplish. It’s okay to do this as long as you have a system in place to remind yourself to do these things. Your decluttering home is part of your overall self-care, so make sure that you keep this a priority. As with any habit, it can be easy to get lazy and fall behind on your decluttering, but with a daily reminder and proper organization, you will be well on your way to decluttering home life!

The Most Important Feng Shui Tips

feng shui decor of dining room

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most important Feng Shui tips for your home. You have probably come across these ideas on your own without really knowing much about them, so maybe you’ll find that by reading this you’ll have some more in-depth understanding of how to use them properly in your own home. There are lots of different concepts that are related to Feng Shui, but hopefully, this article will help you understand these a little bit better.

The Most Important Point

Most people are completely unaware of the concept of Feng Shui and most certainly don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It’s actually pretty simple actually – if your house is not in harmony, good chi will not be able to flow through your home freely and in the correct patterns. Most people live in houses where they open the back door and use that as their entryway to the front yard. While this is convenient, from an ancient Chinese perspective this could quite limit good energy entering your home and possibly limiting your success in life overall. Therefore, one of the most important Feng Shui tips for your home is to always keep the front door open for good energy to enter your house.

The Two Basic Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Another one of the most important tips for your home that many people overlook is keeping your bathroom door opened to allow good chi to enter your home. This is actually the easiest way to do this. Think about it – when you go into the bathroom what do you see? If you see a brown fixture or a pot on the counter or your bathroom door is open to allow access – then you’ve basically allowed bad chi to enter your home. To change this, simply close your bathroom door when you leave the bathroom.

feng shui decor of living room

One Other Way to Apply Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Another thing that you can use Feng Shui tips for your home is to ensure that there are no objects on your front door that block the entranceway to your home. This is particularly important if you have a large door like a screen door. While some objects may be decorative such as statues and screens, they should never be the first thing that you look at when you come into your home. Instead, look to the sides of the room and towards the windows and walkways to ensure that everything is in harmony.

Do You Have Good Energy in Your Home?

There’s another important aspect to Feng Shui tips for your home. You need to make sure that you keep the front door clean. You don’t have to always be running to the washer and dryer, but having a clean door is a great way to encourage good Feng Shui energy in your home. Having clutter around the front door may mean you have bad energy that needs to be pushed out.

One Other Thing To Consider

One other aspect of Feng Shui that many people don’t consider is the posture of their bathroom door. One of the most important points to remember is that it is important to stand up straight whenever you enter your bathroom. Using a door frame or a chair to sit in will not be as effective. While standing up straight is often the most important point to consider, having a comfortable posture when you enter the room will also be important.

feng shui decor of living room

How To Use Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

There are many people who choose to do their own Feng Shui remedies. In this case, you can simply follow the tips provided here. When you enter the room, walk slowly and deliberately. You should not hurry through your movements. Take your time to make sure the energy of the room is flowing properly.

If you follow these Feng Shui tips for your home, you will find that your life will become much more peaceful and balanced. You will feel better about yourself and your world will seem less daunting. It is also a great way to promote good health. The proper combination of color, shape, and movement will help to enhance your chi and give you good energy.

How to Combine Colors and Fabrics in Your Living Room

combining colors and fabrics in living room

How to combine colors and fabrics for your living room has long been a concern of many people. You want your living room to reflect your personality, your style, and also to give others a glimpse into your worldview. However, if you are not that good at making decisions then you can just hire a designer. These designers can make all the decisions for you. However, you still will have to do the work. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

Keep in mind the space available

One thing you should keep in mind is how much space is available in the room that the designer is going to work on. It is important that they get a feel for how the sofa, chairs, and other items will look in your living room. They have to know the proportion of the space as well. As soon as you have an idea on how to proceed, then you need to get down to asking the designer how to combine colors and fabrics.

combining colors and fabrics in living room

Try doing it on your own

Some people are good at choosing their own colors and textures. For example, some people have a knack when it comes to selecting vibrant colors. On the other hand, others are less skilled. They need to know how to blend in with the existing colors and fabrics in your living room. The lighting fixtures for your living room will also determine the colors that you choose. If there are already existing lighting fixtures in place, then they must match the colors in order to achieve an overall effect.

Or hire a designer

In most cases, homeowners will hire a designer to complete the task of decorating their homes. They want their living rooms to be beautiful, but they do not want them to take up too much of their time. Therefore, they will ask their designer for suggestions on how to combine colors and fabrics that will complement the other pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures. With a bit of planning and the right guidance, you can get the best out of your home decorating ideas.

combining colors and fabrics in living room

Choose the theme of your living room

For instance, if you have a modern contemporary-style living room, then you should go for fabrics that will fit into the theme. If you have more of a traditional theme, then choose something that will co-exist with the furnishings. If you are hiring a designer to help you with this task, then you should let him or her know about the colors that you have chosen so that he or she can suggest something that will go well with the existing furniture and lighting fixtures. If you know how to mix and match colors, then you will be able to choose furniture and accent pieces that will further enhance your design.

Pay attention to colors and fabrics of the furniture

Another tip for choosing the perfect colors is to pay attention to the furniture. If you already have traditional dining room chairs and tables, then choose furniture that will fit in with those colors. If you do not have traditional furniture, then you should pay attention to the drapes, curtains, and other details in the room. You can even find fabrics that will go with the drapes and other fabrics in the room. The designer may even suggest that you get a printed fabric that will decorate your walls nicely. Or, to paint your furniture a different color to fit into your desired theme.

combining colors and fabrics in living room

If you have a sofa in your living room, then you have to choose the perfect cushions that will go with the sofa. Usually, designers suggest dark-colored cushions for modern sofas and light-colored cushions for traditional sofas. You can also combine other fabrics in the sofa such as velvet and suede. For a more formal look, you can also choose fabrics like corduroy. If you do not want to have too many different textures and patterns in one area, then you can simply choose solid colors and a neutral pattern that will create an inviting environment.

Pay attention to the architectural design of your home

The most important thing that you should pay attention to is the architectural design of your home. If the furniture and other fabrics coordinate with the architecture, then the whole house will look organized. However, if the designer has not thought about the architectural design of his house, then the home will look too plain and chaotic. This means that you have to coordinate the colors and textures of the fabrics and furniture in your living room to make it look more like a cozy home than a chaotic office or a living room.

Best Accent Items for Your Home

accent items used in home decor

Your home becomes even more inviting and welcoming with the various decor pieces in Home Accents series. These are truly wonderful collections that combine beauty, function, and charm. Each piece is hand-crafted to bring to life the details of a genuine piece of art. Each accessory has been uniquely designed to work well with each other, including tables, chairs, rugs, light fixtures, wall decor and so much more. Even the smallest details contribute to this impressive collection, and unique home accents will breathe life into any room.

Hand-crafted wall art pieces

If you have a passion for history, you’ll love these beautiful hand-crafted wall art pieces that are included in the Home Accents series. They feature historic front doors and windows from famous eras, along with a host of other interesting historical figures such as Queen Victoria, King Edward, and William the Conqueror. There are also pieces with religious themes, like paintings of Mary and Joseph. There are also lovely reproductions of famous Bible scenes. In addition to wall art, these unique home accents also include gorgeous accent tables and chairs, with ornate legs and beautiful backs. They are made from hardwood frames and are available in teak, maple, and oak.

hand-made wall accent item

For the ultimate in luxury home accents, you can’t go wrong with one of the pieces from the Home Accents Venice Collection. This stunning collection features a stunning double bed in a unique Ottoman. The Ottoman opens to reveal an intricate gold tray. This exquisite piece of luxury home accents is sure to please, especially any visitor who loves to pamper themselves. Its ultra-soft plush fabric is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

You’ll love the collection of hand-carved wooden accents available in the Home Accents China Garden. This set of four pieces includes a table and four chairs, accents in the form of a banana plant, wall hanging, and two platters with egg-shaped glasses. This lovely collection of accents will definitely add an exotic touch to your space.

Antique items

If you prefer something a little less formal but equally charming, check out the elegant Tiffany Lamp and Chandelier. These two pieces of wall decor are great examples of antique Tiffany-style home accents. Both pieces are attractive enough on their own, but the combination of the two will make anyone feel like they’ve stepped into another time.

antique accent item

Choose from one of the amazing collections of mirrors available in the Timeless Home accents Collection. The mirrored walls of this room accent will reflect any lighting you have installed in the room. It also comes with two mirrors featuring an antique look, which will also coordinate with the colors you have chosen for your home accents. Perfect for guest rooms, bathrooms, and more, this is one of the hottest trends in home accents right now.

One of the trendiest areas you’ll find accents in today’s home decor is in the bathroom. If you want to add a little something different to your current decor, consider updating your bathroom’s decor. You can choose from a number of exciting themes, from country to contemporary, to give your room a bright new look. You’ll love how this trend accent adds instant style to any bathroom. From modern chrome fittings and fixtures to natural materials, such as wood and stone, you’ll love how the addition of these home accents will spruce up the room.


No matter what type of home accents you choose for your room, make sure that they go hand in hand with each other. For example, if you choose a modern accent, make sure that your current decor is also updated. If you select antique accents, be sure your current decor matches. If there is a discrepancy between the two, then you may need to update all of your other home accents as well.

Feng Shui Simplified

Feng Shui Simplified

Feng shui, also called Chinese astrology, is a pseudoscientific alternative tradition originating in ancient China, that purports to apply powerful energy forces to unify people with their surroundings. This belief has been widely accepted as being true by Western scientists. The premise of the feng shui practice is that there are four elements – wood, fire, earth, and metal – that influence everything in the world.

According to this belief, if a space has good Feng Shui, it will be able to pull positive energy, make a person feel calm and happy and even allow them to excel at their careers. If a space has bad Feng Shui, it will be able to deter or discourage positive energy from coming into space, and will therefore influence a person’s lifestyle in negative ways.


Wood, on the other hand, represents solidity. Wood feng shui is therefore a symbol of stability and endurance. It is best to keep a balance between the earth elements (wood) and the fire element (fire). You may wish to include a depiction of a tree to represent the earth element. On the other hand, you may wish to include a feng shui symbol to represent the fire element.


Fire is the element of warmth. To create a warm environment, the earth element should be kept in check by adding fire elements. For instance, to warm a room, place a pile of dry leaves in front of your door. To symbolize the earth element, place a bundle of dry leaves on your desk or mantel.


Water represents water. Water is an important element in feng shui as it encourages the growth of green and leafy elements. To stimulate the growth of these elements, plant fountains or small trees in your bedroom or garden. The water element is represented by water – specifically, a large amount of water. When this element is prominent in your home feng shui surroundings, it can indicate that wealth has been achieved in your life. To achieve more wealth, place large crystal water jars in areas of your home where natural light is scarce. To prevent the onset of scarcity, place large jars in areas that are away from the front door and entrance.


The metal element is represented by the metal scrollwork and figures. These figures are often used to represent the metal elements such as gold, silver, iron, copper, aluminum, and tin. The bag can also show the metal elements placed in specific buildings, such as the office building or the bank. The wealth area of your feng shui map will have the Bagua in one of its most prominent positions.

home decor items

The Bagua

The Bagua is a set of ancient Chinese writing that is made to help people discover their true path in life. The Bagua is divided into sixteen areas, each of which corresponds to one of the twelve original elements. If you place a Bagua in the appropriate spot in your home, it will help you discover which areas of your life are blocked by your emotions or habits. This will allow you to work on eliminating these negative influences in your life.


The purpose of feng shui decorating tips is to help you determine whether a particular space has good energy flow and whether you should keep it or take steps to change it. These tips are particularly useful when you’re looking to redecorate your home. Good feng shui will be to keep this element abundant in your living room.

5 Reasons Why It Is Good To Own A Property In Scottsdale

5 Reasons Why It Is Good To Own A Property In Scottsdale

Situated in Arizona, USA, Scottsdale is a beautiful city which was founded on the Grand River. Scottsdale has been ranked the best city to live in the USA. The affordability of properties in this location and the price appreciation of the properties make it an ideal investment. The overall health of the local economy, local incomes, and rent potential all make it a great place to buy Real Estate.

If you are looking for an ideal investment in scottsdale condos for sale, here are a few reasons why you should consider investing.

Countless investment opportunities

With vast areas of undeveloped land, the opportunities of investing in Real Estate in Scottsdale are endless. Vacant land is a precious resource with limited availability. Property is considered to be an inexpensive asset to own in the long run due to it not needing renovations or maintenance.

Investing in land gives the owner the freedom to design and build properties according to his or her taste and budget restrictions. If you would instead invest in Real Estate, the opportunities are no less. With thousands of properties in good, homely areas very close to schools and markets, Scottsdale is again an excellent place to invest.

Educational Institutions

Top-quality educational institutions in the area are yet another reason to invest in real estate. Home to colleges and universities, this place attracts students from all across the globe, wanting to pursue higher studies.

Secondary and elementary educational institutes, both public and catholic are in great number, offering quality education to your children if you choose to settle down with your family by owning property here.

Affordability and Resale Value

Property is easy on the pocket and has proved to have a good price appreciation in the past years and will continue in the future as well. Investing in real estate here will, therefore, increase your resale value of a property if you choose to sell your property in the future.

Rent Potential

With the number of educational institutes imparting quality education and the economy of the city, proves to be an ideal place people look for to live in rented properties. Investing in real estate in Scottsdale will, therefore, allow you to earn a good income in rent.

Scenic Beauty and Natural Landscape

The area, with a right balance between urban buildings and open space, is a beautiful city to live in. It is the perfect place for nature lovers, those who love swimming and canoeing as well. The Grand River travels through the town and lends scenic beauty to the city.

5 Tricks for Making Your Home Functional and Chic

5 Tricks for Making Your Home Functional and Chic

You always have more freedom when it comes to tweaking your home than you might originally think. Of course, depending on your budget, the choice of remodelling work will also vary, but there are still plenty of interesting tricks that can transform your place into a chic and functional space. In case you’ve been contemplating your options in this regard for a while, keep on reading.

A fresh coat of paint to the rescue!

Paint may be one of the most common DIY tips when it comes to home redesign and redecor, but that’s just because a fresh coat of paint works wonders! Regardless of whether you just want to freshen up your current wall shade or paint it over with a new one, the difference will be huge. Aside from covering the wear and tear of old paint, a new coat will elevate the space, especially if you’re interested in creating an accent wall as well. You can also use self-adhesive wallpaper to add a more personal and unique touch. Crown molding is also a nice chic addition, and you can even mimic it with paint if you’re not up for the actual project.

But, paint is not only reserved for the walls! One of the more popular paint uses is giving your cabinets and cupboards a new look. Of course, you can also experiment with the decoupage technique in this case. Don’t hesitate to boost the look of your window frames and doors, and even floors with the right kind of paint.

Install stair runners

If you have slippery stairs in your home, a great way to improve their functionality and style is to install stair runners. You can easily DIY this project and avoid spending a lot of money. You literally just need to get the woven runners and the right tools from the store and take some time to attach everything properly. You can do the same for the hallways.

Fix the pipes

It’s not uncommon for older homes to have some sort of issue with pipes. And if you want a functional and chic update for your place, it’s crucial that you deal with your pipes the right way. Luckily, with effective pipe relining solutions, experts in the field can successfully fix your pipes and drains without digging or ruining your home and landscape. It’s the perfect option that will make all the difference in your bathroom and kitchen, and your lifestyle in general.

Update your lights

Those of you who are looking for a more stylish interior should definitely look into the vast options of lamp and ceiling light covers. These days, there’s something available for everyone. You can even try making your own covers if you feel creative. But, to boost the functionality of your lights, try to install dimmer switches for as many fixtures as possible. This will prevent electricity waste, and it will also allow you to create a pleasant atmosphere for every mood and protect your eyes from strain.

Reupholster old furniture

In case you’re bothered by some older or worn-out furniture pieces in your home, you can effectively increase their functionality and transform their appearance with reupholstering and maybe even a wood distressing technique. Regardless of whether you try to reupholster the furniture on your own or take things to the professional, you’ll end up with completely new-looking pieces that are both functional and beautiful. That said, you can even make the most out of the deals at flea markets and thrift shops.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You don’t have to do all of the projects at once when you’re trying to upgrade the functionality and looks of your home. The more time and effort you dedicate to one project, the better. Not to mention that you’ll be able to organize your budget more efficiently.

What Are the Popular Options for Your House Siding


Not many home improvement projects are capable of improving the curb appeal, performance, and the resale value of a house like new siding. Different siding materials have seen their peak of popularity over the years, but only the best remained. No one dares to use asbestos siding anymore, while fiberglass and hardboard composites are being increasingly substituted for vinyl and fibre cement. Let’s take a look at the properties, pricing, and maintenance of the most popular siding materials today. 

Wood siding

Hands down one of the most attractive siding options, wood siding typically includes wood planks, panels, boards, or shingles. One of the oldest types of house siding is wood clapboard lap siding, which still looks beautiful in many period homes. Wood siding is manufactured in a variety of styles, textures, and finishes. Wood clapboard siding is horizontal, with overlapping joints, while wood plank or boards siding is vertical, with variants like board-and-batten, board-on-board, and channel-groove or tongue-and-groove. While being easy to repair, wooden siding is difficult to install over the existing siding. Unless protected with a paint or stain, wood is vulnerable to suing exposure, rot, and insects. Another drawback is the price – costs vary depending on whether you want cedar, spruce, fir, or redwood, and the type of siding, but the average cost is around $12,000. On the other hand, wood is a timeless material that gives a home a lot of class. It doesn’t surprise that many modern siding materials are made to imitate natural wood.

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Brick siding

Considered as the most traditional option for most homeowners, it’s hard to beat the timeless look of a suburban brick house siding. Favoured by many for its performance and durability, brick usually wins in every durability, flexibility, and familiarity contest. Also, brick comes in a variety of colour choices which don’t require painting or refinishing. Besides, brick has excellent weather and extreme temperature resistance. On the other hand, brick is still more expensive than many other options, but you can reduce the cost by using an alternative, called brick veneer. While it looks like brick on the outside, it isn’t as good of an insulator and can’t bear loads. It’s typically installed with an air gap, 3” rigid insulation, and backup wall.

Metal siding

Maintenance-heavy wood and not-too-business-like brick siding called for another option with a much sleeker design and low maintenance. Aluminium was the pioneering metal to be used as siding, and due to its good properties, it evolved into one of the most popular choices for business properties and homes alike. In recent years, however, the availability of low-cost overseas steel manufacture has increased the popularity of steel siding, as well. Metal siding comes in an array of styles which include horizontal and vertical strips, panels, as well as shingles, which are sometimes difficult to tell from wood at a distance. Some advanced metal cladding systems are engineered to high fire-resistance standards, which makes them a perfect option when there are other combustible elements present in the wall build-up. Metal siding is commonly used as a retrofit solution, often applied directly over wood siding which has been damaged over the years. 

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Vinyl siding

In the never-ending search for low-cost, low-maintenance siding materials, the engineers have set a milestone for the next-gen material after aluminium and steel – vinyl. Like aluminium, vinyl comes in strips with interlocking edges, so a special tool called a zip tool is used to join and separate the strips. Available in a variety of textures, vinyl can mimic a range of wood grains and natural stone styles including shake and shingle style. Also used typically as a retrofit siding, vinyl can be applied directly over old wood siding. As a low-maintenance material, vinyl never needs painting, since the colour is solid all through the material. If it cracks, the siding section must be repaired or replaced, but manufacturers offer limited warranties up to 50 years for the quality product. As an inexpensive material, vinyl is more vulnerable to wind and high temperatures, and unless insulated not very energy efficient.

Fibre cement siding

The most futuristic of all the options here, cement fibre is the latest development in house siding technology. Durable and low-maintenance, fibre cement is considered a sustainable option, as it’s made from recyclable materials. It’s cut and installed like wood siding, and in many varieties, it mimics natural wood grain so well that it’s indistinguishable from some wood siding products. The material is resistant to rot and insect damage and warranties of 50 years are a norm for major manufacturers. Often compared to vinyl, fibre cement is perfect for homeowners who want a fire-proof material with the aesthetics of wood at a lower price. On the downside, it’s a heavy material which increases the cost of installation. 

This list includes a brief overview of the most popular siding materials with the pros and cons of each. To find a perfect one for you, besides the material and installation cost, you need to consider the aesthetics, energy efficiency, and durability.