Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage


Even though most of us consider our garage to be just the place where we keep our car, it’s much more than that. If you get properly organized and aren’t afraid to think outside the box, you could actually turn your garage into an amazing multifunctional space. But, in order to do that, you have to get it organized first, so here are some of the best organizational ideas for your garage. 

Wall-to-wall shelves

This is the best way to get the most out of your garage storage capacity – go all in and build a massive wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling shelf. This way, you’ll be able to fit everything you need – from your tools and your gardening equipment to your sports memorabilia and childhood souvenirs. Of course, you can design and build this shelf on your own, thus making it flexible, adaptable, and inexpensive. Finally, make sure your shelf is always organized and decluttered because that’s the only way to utilize every inch you have.

Garage cabinets

If you’re a more traditional type of person and don’t want everyone to see what you store in your garage, opt for garage cabinets instead of shelves. This is a versatile, practical, affordable, and, above all, visually appealing solution. If you want your garage to look tidy and cool, dedicate your time to this idea and find the cabinets that will work for you. These are easy to install, which means you can personalize them any way you want, using all the free space in your garage. Plan everything out first, get some cabinets, and start organizing your possessions right away.


Professional shelves

If you love spending your free time in your garage and enjoying your hobbies in this space, not just any DIY solution will do, and you need to rely on professional solutions. So, if you’re looking for an idea that looks great and goes a really long way, look no further. No matter how much space you have and what you use your garage for, you’ll surely be able to find a professional shelving solution that works for you. You can also upgrade and modify these in the future as well, so you won’t have to worry about your storage space ever again.

Ceiling storage

This is a great idea for people stuck with a tiny garage who still want to use it for storage. Instead of looking for unusual ways that may or may not work, you should look up and utilize the vertical space. Attaching storage bins on your ceiling sounds like a lot of work, but it actually isn’t. All you need are some 2x2s to guide your bins and keep them in position, and you’re good to go! This idea isn’t suitable for heavy stuff, though, so use it only for light or medium-weight items.


Organize your bikes

If your family loves spending time in the open and being active, you probably have a few bicycles in your garage. But, while these are great for your health, they might be quite a problem when you’re trying to organize your garage. That’s why you should find a way to store them in a practical and cool manner. Luckily, there are lots of ideas you can explore, from bike racks to ceiling storage. This way, you’ll free a ton of space you can utilize in another way and introduce a massive change into your garage.


Organizing your garage might not be the best way to pass your time, but you just have to do it. Exploring these ideas will give you more space than you could’ve imagined, so start looking into them as soon as possible.