How to Prepare for a Family Holiday


Are you thinking of planning a holiday for your family? Not sure where to begin? Planning a family holiday is best accomplished when its a team effort. Yes, the process can look difficult in the beginning but using the tips below, you can turn a daunting task into a fun activity. Here are tips for preparing a family holiday.

#1.Plan together

A family that eats, sleep and laughs together should prepare for a family holiday together. If you have no kids, you and your partner can simply grab a few brochures or browse the internet for the latest information. You can do this over a cup of coffee. If you have kids, it is important to involve them too. After all, you are planning for a family holiday. When you plan together, lots of ideas are brought forward. This makes it easy for the family to select a destination. As such, you get to save on booking. Once you settle on a few destinations, check the internet for the following expenses:

Air tickets


Car hire

Insurance and others

#2. Choose the right accommodation

What type of accommodation are you planning for your family to stay in when on holiday? Are you planning to book a hotel, a villa or AirBnB? If kids will accompany you on holiday, its best to find self-catering accommodation. Villas can be expensive, but they provide much-needed security to you and your family. If you can find a suitable Airbnb, the better.


The best thing about self-catering is the opportunity to interact with the locals as you shop at the local market. Not only do you get to learn a few phrases of the local language but you also learn about their dishes.

#3. Avoid one-night getaways

Traveling for one night stays as a family is a definite no. Why? You have no time to travel, check in, visit attractions, eat, sleep and check out. Even when you don’t have kids, this is a bit hectic. Not only will you end up getting home too tired but your “holiday” will be short lived.

So, if your current budget can’t allow you to take a week or month long holiday, do not attempt one night stays. Instead, plan and continue saving for a better holiday. Remember, the whole point of a family holiday is to bond, learn more about each other, rest, sightsee and rejuvenate your energy levels.

#4. Focus on each stage

Now that you have picked a destination that fits your budget, and you have a month before traveling, it is important to plan for each stage. How are you getting to the airport? Do you know what to do when going through security? What form of entertainment do you intend to pack for your kids?


These are crucial stages when you PREPARe FOR A FAMILY HOLIDAY. For instance, if you are planning on flying to your destination, how will you arrive at the airport? Will you take a taxi or rely on a family member to drop you at the airport. We recommend a ride from a family member. It’s cheaper and convenient.

#5. Find family friendly activities

Traveling as a family is exciting. Not only do you experience a new culture, language or country together but you also get to have fun together. When planning a family holiday, make sure you find family-friendly activities.

If you are planning on self-catering, check the internet for family-friendly activities nearby. They include the beach, theme parks, art galleries, museums, and historical landmarks.

If you are planning on staying in a hotel, find out if the hotel has a dedicated children’s pools and a lifeguard present. If you have a baby, ask if the hotel provides a cot.

#6. Prepare your documents

Planning for a family holiday outside your country requires the use of certain documents such as passports. As a family, it is important to ensure that all passports are up to date. Certain countries in the EU require a minimum of 6 months’ validity and may insist on visas. This should be obtained before travel. It is also important to take insurance as well as your driving license if you are planning on hiring a car.

Final Thoughts

Traveling as a family requires careful planning. To ensure everyone has a wonderful holiday, make plans as a family, prepare all documents beforehand and find family-friendly activities. Also, choose the right accommodation and pack essentials such as first aid kit, phone charger, tablets, and smartphones. Don’t forget to have your kids vaccinated.