Inspiring Interior Design Trends for 2019

Inspiring Interior Design Trends for 2019

The year of 2019 is being taken over by a wave of experimenting with patterns, shapes and all kinds of materials. Let 2019 bring out your wildest ideas and spread your creativity all over your home interior. With minimalism coming to its end, more space is opening up for extravagant and unusual décor elements that draw attention and make every home seem unique and irreplaceable.

Single-store furniture sets are going out of style to make way for a more vintage, piece-by-piece interior design. Keep reading if you want to find out more about the latest trends in 2019 interior design.

Mix, don’t match

Matching furniture is a major design no-no in 2019. This means no pastel colors, no wood-to-wood matching and no buying every piece of furniture in a single store. When you go furniture shopping, think about what pieces you like most and which ones express your style. Don’t try to fit every piece into a harmonious image of a neutral, guest-friendly room, but think of a home that you couldn’t possibly mistake with anyone else’s. Uniqueness is the highlight of 2019, so don’t be afraid to show it. Combining different prints in a stylish boho chic manner is an absolute hit this year, especially when it comes to small décor elements such as cushions, ottomans, and curtains. Different wallpaper prints are also very popular and straightforward nailing the experimental spirit of 2019. Mixing metal surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms instead of going all-nickel is also strongly recommended.

Comeback of Art Deco

One of the vintage comebacks is the fabulous Art Deco style. We consider Art Deco to be a fine transition design from minimalism to a more glamorous style. Golden hues and shiny colorways are escalating through interior design, invading every room in the house, from the bathroom taps to the kitchen cupboards. For really eye-catching effects, combine Art Deco elements with trending multifunctional furniture. You can find fabulous sofas that fit this style perfectly, and you can also reconfigure the seating places to arrange them to your liking. If you can imagine how a home in one of Scott Fitzgerald’s stories would look like, then this is what you should opt for. Golden accents are a must, and they go very well with white marble and neutral colors like grey and beige.

Glamorous bedrooms

We all deserve to feel like royalty from time to time and there is no better way to do so than to sleep like a king. King size beds with upholstered frames and stonewashed linen are must-have bedroom essentials for truly enjoyable dreams. Trends of 2019 aim for glamour and elegance with a sophisticated note. So, when thinking of a way to re-style your bed, you can’t go wrong with crushed or quilted velvet duvets. The goal is to go with anything that isn’t ordinary or simplistic. Mars and astor custom made upholstered bed frames in millennial pink or velvety shades are to die for.

Handmade arts & crafts

Going forward with the uniqueness trends of 2019, we have come to the wide open and creative space of craftsmanship. Maybe the best feature of this season is that you can be your own interior designer and create pieces for your home with your own hands. Alternately, you can fill your home with all kinds of arts and crafts either from places you’ve visited or from your local market. Once again, choose pieces that express your style and have an interesting story behind them. This way, you can make your home interior come to life and tell stories on its own. What a great way to make your home a living fairytale.

Eco-friendly homes

Eco-friendliness is a growing trend for the past several years, and the main goal is to design your home so that it benefits your health (and also the planet). There are several steps you should take for your home to be as eco-friendly as possible. First of all, take out all toxic materials that you might have in your home, and this includes household cleaning products, paints and even deodorants. Nowadays, you can find healthy substitutes for all of these anywhere. Secondly, fill your home with plants. As valuable sources of oxygen, easy-grown house plants will help you breathe more easily and they are also fabulous décor elements in any room. For even more quality air, make sure to clean your AC on a regular basis.

Finally, think about investing in eco-friendly furniture and natural materials. The more you have, the better. Your home is your special sanctuary, so take every opportunity you can to make it healthier, along with making it stylish and fabulous. Remember – green is always in.