Keep Your Home More Comfortable This Summer


Summers are becoming hotter than ever before and homeowners need to prepare for this. This needs to be done not only with your own comfort in mind but also in a way that is the least damaging to the environment overall. 

There are ways to keep the balance between the two by not giving up on AC and other modern appliances that make summer bearable but also by relying on something less expensive and less damaging to the environment such as a color palette and good blinds.

Color matters


Color matters a lot when you’re designing your home and not only in setting the tone for your interior. A color palette will determine the overall look of your home and establish the ambiance. All the furniture you decide to buy needs to be chosen in accordance with the base color set by the wall paint and large carpets.

Light colors will make the room cool off easier and heat up slower. That’s something to keep in mind especially if a lot of your lighting comes from natural light. Large window frames look rather attractive but they also present a problem and you need to address it.

Shutting the lights out


It’s also important to be able to dim the room rather quickly, for the same reason. There are two main ways to do this. The first is to order heavy blinds from Sydney that could shield you from natural light right away. 

The same goes for turning off artificial lights. It’s best to install a switch that allows you to turn off all the lights at once, but also to dim them in the same way. This isn’t a complicated procedure and a skilled electrician could finish it in an hour.

Green roof

A green roof is a more complicated addition to your home but it can affect the indoor temperature more than any other method on our list. A green roof is a layer of plants that you’ll plant on the roof of your home and thus keep the home cooler as well as keeping your air fresh even in a crowded neighborhood.

This is also a feature that will require additional maintenance. The plants on your roof need to be watered and kept neat over a long period of time and especially during the winter.

Home insulation

A lot of the cool air your home needs is wasted if it’s not insulated well enough. This is especially noticeable during the summer when there’s such a stark difference between the temperatures outside and indoors. This is easy to fix, but it’s costly as well and you might need to do it in phases.

Start with large windows and doors since that’s where you’re leaking the most air. Once this is done, you should notice a significant difference in temperature, but if not, you might also want to try insulating the roof as well. It’s a large surface and it usually leaks a lot of air.


Keeping your home cooled during the summer is becoming harder than it was before. That’s partly because of global warming and partly because we’re using more appliances than ever before. That’s why you need to put some effort into it and design your home with cooling in mind.

That’s partly about making sure that you can dim the lights at once, both artificial ones and natural lights with a good set of blinds. It’s also useful to design with light colors and to keep the home as well-insulated as you can so that you don’t lose any air.