How to Combine Colors and Fabrics in Your Living Room

combining colors and fabrics in living room

How to combine colors and fabrics for your living room has long been a concern of many people. You want your living room to reflect your personality, your style, and also to give others a glimpse into your worldview. However, if you are not that good at making decisions then you can just hire a designer. These designers can make all the decisions for you. However, you still will have to do the work. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

Keep in mind the space available

One thing you should keep in mind is how much space is available in the room that the designer is going to work on. It is important that they get a feel for how the sofa, chairs, and other items will look in your living room. They have to know the proportion of the space as well. As soon as you have an idea on how to proceed, then you need to get down to asking the designer how to combine colors and fabrics.

combining colors and fabrics in living room

Try doing it on your own

Some people are good at choosing their own colors and textures. For example, some people have a knack when it comes to selecting vibrant colors. On the other hand, others are less skilled. They need to know how to blend in with the existing colors and fabrics in your living room. The lighting fixtures for your living room will also determine the colors that you choose. If there are already existing lighting fixtures in place, then they must match the colors in order to achieve an overall effect.

Or hire a designer

In most cases, homeowners will hire a designer to complete the task of decorating their homes. They want their living rooms to be beautiful, but they do not want them to take up too much of their time. Therefore, they will ask their designer for suggestions on how to combine colors and fabrics that will complement the other pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures. With a bit of planning and the right guidance, you can get the best out of your home decorating ideas.

combining colors and fabrics in living room

Choose the theme of your living room

For instance, if you have a modern contemporary-style living room, then you should go for fabrics that will fit into the theme. If you have more of a traditional theme, then choose something that will co-exist with the furnishings. If you are hiring a designer to help you with this task, then you should let him or her know about the colors that you have chosen so that he or she can suggest something that will go well with the existing furniture and lighting fixtures. If you know how to mix and match colors, then you will be able to choose furniture and accent pieces that will further enhance your design.

Pay attention to colors and fabrics of the furniture

Another tip for choosing the perfect colors is to pay attention to the furniture. If you already have traditional dining room chairs and tables, then choose furniture that will fit in with those colors. If you do not have traditional furniture, then you should pay attention to the drapes, curtains, and other details in the room. You can even find fabrics that will go with the drapes and other fabrics in the room. The designer may even suggest that you get a printed fabric that will decorate your walls nicely. Or, to paint your furniture a different color to fit into your desired theme.

combining colors and fabrics in living room

If you have a sofa in your living room, then you have to choose the perfect cushions that will go with the sofa. Usually, designers suggest dark-colored cushions for modern sofas and light-colored cushions for traditional sofas. You can also combine other fabrics in the sofa such as velvet and suede. For a more formal look, you can also choose fabrics like corduroy. If you do not want to have too many different textures and patterns in one area, then you can simply choose solid colors and a neutral pattern that will create an inviting environment.

Pay attention to the architectural design of your home

The most important thing that you should pay attention to is the architectural design of your home. If the furniture and other fabrics coordinate with the architecture, then the whole house will look organized. However, if the designer has not thought about the architectural design of his house, then the home will look too plain and chaotic. This means that you have to coordinate the colors and textures of the fabrics and furniture in your living room to make it look more like a cozy home than a chaotic office or a living room.

How to Choose the Perfect Sliding Curtains for Your Home


Curtains are very important because they not only add to the rooms but also help control the amount of light in them. Most curtains provide protection and privacy. They also prevent you from unwanted intruders from outside the room. The curtains may work like sound insulators in the house.

Use of curtains

The sliding curtains can help redecorate an area of your home, with very little expense, but will make it look great. You may make a new look for the room by merely changing the curtains and drapes. Often, the hardware does not need to be replaced when you turn your curtain, which can save you even more money.


Depending on the room for which you choose the curtains will often depend on the style and material. Kitchens and bathrooms may have curtains, but they must be light colors and fabrics to ensure that the room looks bright.


The amazing thing you must do is the length and width of the window or the wall you want to cover. If you need curtains to the floor, you can measure the length of the wall and decide the width after determining the area you want to cover.

You should also measure the sleeve of the rod to hang the curtains or order one according to your needs. If you plan to redecorate the room completely, you should start with the curtains, combine the other accessories and furnish with them.


One should choose a curtain of color and design according to the style of the bedroom. The curtains must match the decoration and furnishings of the room. The style curtains should be chosen to complement the entire interior of the bedroom.


Proper planning is required to ensure that the chosen CURTAINS fit well with the whole interior. If the colors used in the room are mostly light, such as shades of green or red white, dark-colored curtains may be used; otherwise, a patterned curtain or a light-colored curtain will look better.

Light factor

To choose the curtains, you should also consider the light factor: how much light you want in the room. The amount of light depends on the style and fabric of the curtains. Buy a thick fabric curtain, if you want less light in your rooms. If you wish to light, choose a more transparent and transparent fabric.


The design of the curtain is chosen according to the style of the bedroom and the size of the window. If the window is small and you need small curtains, they want a simple design, but if the window is large, choose a more elegant design of curtains.


When choosing your curtains, you should consider how they will look when they are open. They will be the dressings for this area in your room for a large part of the day, so it is essential to make sure they look good when they are open. You should consider whether you want the curtains for decorative purposes, or to be functional, and should think about the attractive.
We have many things to consider when looking for the perfect curtains that can be overwhelming. No matter how you choose to select your curtains once they are hung, the whole room will look different. They will complete their general decorations for the room and make sure that it stays warm and dark when necessary.