How to Prepare Your AC for The Winter


Today, An Air Conditioner has become a crucial appliance in most homes. The Air Conditioner is used in the summer seasons to cool down the air in the house and make the temperatures human-friendly for survival.This is because the heat during the summer can make living conditions very uncomfortable and unbearable. The AC like any other appliance has its own issues.

Causes of Air Conditioner Problems.

Frozen evaporator coils: The evaporators are built in such a way that they require warm air flowing over them constantly for proper functioning. If by any case the evaporator gets too cold, a layer of ice may form making the coils not to function as expected.


Low Refrigerant:This is the section of an air conditioner used to get Heat and humidity from your house. In case there are leakages on some refrigerants, the Air conditioner is not able to properly cool the Air.

Coated condenser coils: These coils get rid of the heat in the air and expel it from your house. Once coated with grime or dirt, the condenser coils are unable to work well.

Fan issues: The fans are parts that require regular maintenance, this is because they may run faulty due to worn out joint belts and friction due to lack of lubrication. The fans blow air over the evaporator coil and on the condenser coil.

Leaking Ducts: The ducts running through your ceilings and walls may get destroyed by rodents. This may cause cooled air to end up not reaching the intended destination. This additionally causes you high bills for no work done.

Clogged Drains: The drains meant to remove moisture may at times get clogged. When clogged, them may end up making water go back to the system causing unexpected damages.

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However,the above problems can be avoided through regular maintenance of your air conditioning miami fl. These problems are usually more common when the Ac is not in specific use especially in the Winter. Therefore we must make sure the Air Conditioner is in perfect condition before the summer. Below we discuss how to prepare your AC for the Winter:

How to Prepare Your AC for The Winter

1. Check the Air Filter.

The filter prevents and protects the Air conditioning system from knocking down. For this reason, it is advisable to always carry out regular check-ups on the air filter and clean or do replacements where required. This maintenance exercise on the air filter cuts down your electricity bills by 5-15%.

2. Clean you AC thoroughly.

Once everything is used a lot, it is prone to getting dirty. This may cause unexpected issues on your system. You should thoroughly clean the out casings, inner coils, air ducts, and controls. This simple process will help prevent you Air conditioning Unit from causing issues during the next summer season.

3. Regularly inspect the Air Ducts.

There are air conditioners that are ductless while others have the air ducts. For the air conditioners with the duct, you must regularly check them. Leakages in the air ducts make the AC work extra harder causing an increase in your bills.
The ducts should be checked for any issues. If there are leaks, seal them with mastic or metal tape. Use foam insulation to prevent pipes from breaking and freezing during the winter.

4.Shut off the Power

All appliances are usually supposed to be switched off when not in use. Leaving you Air conditioner on is also very dangerous. In most cases, leaving the AC on may lead to the damage of the condenser if someone accidentally switches the thermostat to cool. So you must switch off the AC when not using it, especially in the winter.

Maintaining the Air conditioner is very essential for its efficient use and also for your economic and financial advantage.