What’s The Quietest Motorcycle Helmet?


Flying down the highway on your motorcycle is one of the best experience. Problem is, a screaming gale in your ears can ruin everything. As you fly down the highway, wind noise can reach or exceed 115 decibels inside your helmet. What most people don’t know is that it takes only 85 decibels to damage your hearing.

To protect your ears, you need the quietest motorcycle helmet available in the market

You may be wondering what makes a motorcycle HELMET DESIGN quite. The first thing to consider is aerodynamics. If the helmet has an aerodynamic shape, it lowers noise level considerably. How? The wind will slide past the helmet leaving the interior quiet. There are other factors that help to lower wind noise. They include:

Large ventilation grids

Split between visor and helmet body

Space under your chin and others

All these factors help to determine whether your helmet is quiet or not. When shopping for a motorcycle helmet, you need to consider the finish too. If it’s smooth and has no ventilation grids or fins, then you will protect your ears from wind noise.


It is also important to ensure that the helmet design fits well around your chin. If there is space under your chin, air will flow in and at high speeds, wind noise can make the experience, unpleasant.

Our Pick – Schuberth C3 PRO

Based on research, we have selected the Schuberth C3 PRO as the quietest motorcycle helmet every biker deserves. Here is why we chose the Schuberth C3 PRO as the best.

Schuberth C3 PRO Features

Special helmet shell technology

The Schuberth C3 PRO helmet is crafted using special Schuberth helmet technology. This technology ensures low weight and optimal stability. It is made from fiberglass with a special resin. The material is pressed and shaped into a high strength motorcycle helmet shell. This is normally done under high pressure and temperature. Thanks to the multipart construction of the helmet shell, it can withstand immense forces. This assures you of safety.

CoolMax inner lining

To ensure the helmet is safe and comfortable, Schuberth has incorporated Coolmax textiles as the inner lining. Not only does it help to create the optimal climate but it transports moisture efficiently.


Also, it improves cooling allowing the user to have a pleasant experience. What you need to know is that the inner lining is Oko Tex 100 certified. This means users can remove the inner lining and wash it.


The Schuberth C3 PRO has a special shape which makes it aerodynamic. To reduce wind noise and ensure its the quietest motorcycle helmet in the market, Schuberth has tested the helmet in its wind tunnel.

Thanks to its special shape, it improves contact pressure, eliminates buffeting and assures you of stability even at high speeds.


Another feature that makes the Schuberth C3 Pro helmet to be the quietest motorcycle helmet in the market is the neck cushion. This is ergonomically shaped to streamline with the wind deflector. Since the helmet is aero -acoustically designed, it minimizes wind noise and prevents whistling. This is true even when riding with the visor open. Thanks to the low level of noise, it allows the rider to concentrate and focus.


Available in different colors

Has a retractable sun visor to shield your eyes

Has reflecting pads that help you see better at night

Easy to control communication system

Easy to install navigation and entertainment system



Imperfect ventilation

Final Thoughts

The Schuberth C3 Pro is a marvelous piece of engineering. From the fiberglass shell technology to the certified inner lining and special HELMET DESIGN, it is the quietest in the market. It has turbulators on the visor that minimize wind noise and also prevent whistling. So, if you want to protect your ears and have a pleasant ride, we recommend the Schuberth C3 Pro.