How to Start Decluttering Your Home?

When you start out decluttering, you are on your own in the beginning stages. It is hard to know where to start because decluttering means disorganizing and that is what you are doing when you begin it. So how do you get started and keep yourself motivated? What inspires you? When you start out decluttering home is self-care and knowing how to start and keep yourself motivated is half the battle.

What inspires you? Your family, maybe, or a special person in your life like a parent or grandparent? You want to find someone in your life that can keep you motivated to keep going and doing what needs to be done to decluttering home is self-care. It starts with you.

Take care of your kitchen and bathroom space

A simple way to start decluttering the home is to take care of your kitchen and bathroom space. Do not just throw away any clutter that you have in these areas. It may not be so easy to clean it up but it is worth the effort. Declutter your kitchen first by organizing the pantry, discard any unnecessary items, and clear out any cupboards. Leave only the things your kitchen needs. Do the same for your bathroom. When you are cleaning the area, try not to be too hard on yourself and just focus on doing the job right.

decluttered bathroom

Assign tasks to others

There are also tasks that you can assign to someone else to help you with. One way is to have them watch over the house while you are decluttering and doing your own tasks. Another option is to set up a time to meet with someone every week or month and discuss the decluttering tasks that need to be done and when. This can give you some added motivation to keep going with decluttering home and tasks.

Once you are ready to get started with decluttering home, you will need to get a list of the decluttering tasks that you want to accomplish. A quick notepad can help here. Write down what you want to do each day. A calendar can be helpful here as well. Remember to keep this list organized and to glance at it often to keep track of what needs to be done.

You may need to make some appointments to go over your decluttering home and tasks list before you get started. Your daily schedule should include your decluttering task list for the day, then any extra ones for the week, then any extra ones for the month, and lastly any special decluttering activities for that holiday. Make sure that you keep a reminder of all of these appointments so that you don’t forget anything important. You may need to make an appointment to have someone look over this area every month or so, especially if you’re just getting started.

decluttered workspace

Have a clean workspace in which to declutter

It’s also important that you have a clean workspace in which to declutter. If you declutter in a dirty room, you will end up procrastinating and not really getting the results that you desire. As with any habit, it’s important to make sure that you are not doing it in a place that you spend a lot of time. Your decluttering task lists should be as efficient as possible in such a place, otherwise, you are not going to feel like you are truly doing something.

You may find that you need to make more than one decluttering task list in order to cover all of the things that you want to accomplish. It’s okay to do this as long as you have a system in place to remind yourself to do these things. Your decluttering home is part of your overall self-care, so make sure that you keep this a priority. As with any habit, it can be easy to get lazy and fall behind on your decluttering, but with a daily reminder and proper organization, you will be well on your way to decluttering home life!