How To Choose A Good Gun Safe For Your Home

With cases of insecurities escalating with each dawn, it’s important to take extra precaution and protect your family and given that thieves come when you least expect them, owning a gun will always keep you safe. As much as you invest in a gun, you should also invest in a gun safe to properly secure your firearm.

A gun safe protects your gun from fire damage and most importantly, it prevents children from gaining its access thereby preventing any damage or death resulting from gun mishandling. If you have a gun, here is how to choose a good gun safe for your home.

Fire protection

The first thing you ought to do is to choose a gun safe based on its ability to withstand fire for a long period of time. This is important because the last thing you want is for the fire to damage your firearms.



Therefore, choose a safe with the ability to sustain against 1000+ degrees F for at least 45 minutes without melting easily. A good safe should have an additional layer of ceramic panels or sheetrock for improved fire protection.

Good lock

Today’s gun safe can have a biometric locking system, keypad locking system, or dial locking system. When it comes to dial locking system, they are durable, require low maintenance, and you use a password combination to open. However, they take more time to open and your gun may not be of any help if thieves come unexpectedly and you get no time to take your firearm.

Keypad locks are faster compared to dial locks and biometric locks are even faster. That being the case, you should choose the best gun safe based on its ability to open faster because that’s the only way your firearm can be of help to you and your family.


Gun safes come in different weights and you should choose one based on your preferences and the security condition of where you live. If for instance, your neighborhood is highly burglarious, consider a safe that’s nearly 750 pounds as this weight can lower the risk of the safe being moved or stolen by gun thieves or burglars.

Also, a safe that can be screwed or bolted to the wall or floor surface has an added advantaged as cannot be removed or stolen easily.

Additional armor

If you have a gun in your home, you have all the reasons to worry if you don’t have a gun safe. If looking for a high-quality gun safe, choose the one featuring steel plate, relocker, or any other additional armor which could activate when their surfaces are about to be drilled, thereby making it tougher for anyone accessing your firearms without the owner’s consent.

Build strength

Buying a heavy and big safe is not a guarantee that your firearms will be well secured. At times, the size can deceive the eyes and that’s why it’s important to consider build strength.

hand gun

Choose a gun safe with not less than 10-gauge steel as this ensures that your firearm is well secured and protected from drilling and cutting attempts. Avoid buying a safe with 12-14 gauge steel on their sides as this can be cut using an axe with ease.

Final thoughts

Every gun owner should be responsible by keeping their firearms safe and secure and there is no better way than using a gun safe. A gun safe protects your weapons from uncontrolled access by children who know nothing about guns. Also, it protects your valuable weapons against gun thieves and fire. Therefore, consider the above points and choose a gun safe that’s safe and durable.

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