Emotional Intelligence Training Exercises & Resources

In easy terms, emotional intelligence is the ability in us to restrain our emotions and comprehend and communicate feelings in a means that’s favorable to ourselves and people around us. In years past individuals were evaluated by traditional brains, which had been known as IQ. What psychological intelligence informs us is there broader aspects to intellect and we want EQ or Emotional Quotient in addition to IQ to triumph.

To supply you with a notion of the content of this training course materials with this particular emotional intelligence coaching program. read this article to understand more.

Remove Wrong Beliefs: Turn Should to Could

This workout is designed to make the coachee consider possible liming perspectives and beliefs. During a systematic step-by-step procedure, you initially help the coachee determine these beliefs are then slowly lead them to observe how they could be restricting. Many times, such restricting beliefs would be the origin of several undesirable behaviors. They manifest themselves in both ideas and in action.

Emotional intelligence

This exercise can help to return to the origin of problems and intention to tackle them. It’s ideal to conduct this workout on an individual basis like in a training or training session. Before embarking upon this exercise, make a secure and trusting environment in which the coachee feels comfortable putting their own flaws with you.

Dissolving Resentment Exercise

Resentment can swallow individuals. Constantly thinking negatively about others are able to effect a person sad, mad and finally miserable.

This powerful emotion ought to be addressed before it will become persistent or habitual. The method introduced here borrows NLP using a solid emphasis on visualization. It’s also beneficial to deal with self-resentment along with self-loathing.

Positive Affirmations: Turn Negative into Positive


We’re also exactly what we repeatedly think. If you believe about something 200 times every day, you are to consider it to be authentic. If you believe you’re bad, poor, socially ill or outside of Shape and tell yourself that, you then are too strongly believe in them, no matter whether they’re authentic or not. The energy of positivity is well understood, so much that it has changed into a sizable area as positive psychology.