Best Electric Cars for Kids in 2018

kids lamborghini electric car Inspirational 10 Best Electric Cars for Kids

With the ever booming technological advancements, electric kids cars have finally come into existence. When we were kids, these cars were not only some mere toys, but they were also just for the rich. No one knew that they would be a regular thing someday. Today, however, these great toys are everywhere.

Precisely, one in every three homes owns one. So, are you thinking of buying your kids one for the coming holiday? Or do you want to buy it for motivation purposes? Well, in either case, below are the best electric toy cars in 2018 to choose from.

1. The Batman Battery-Operated Batmobile Car

If you want to buy the perfect gift that will make your kids feel special, then Batmobile should be your choice. This toy makes any Batman fan’s dreams come true, and of course, kids like feeling powerful.

power rangers power wheels Better 001 Ford Ranger custom made with Air Ride and Entertainment for my Image

Buying them this great gift, therefore, will enlighten their faces and make them feel more attached to you. With unique features like flashlights, button controllable sound effects, a key start ability, and a smooth steering wheel, your kids will definitely love it.

2. The Best Choice ride on Car

With a speed of about 4.3 mph, this kids’ toy offers enough vigor to give your child a feeling of being in a real car. If you also wanted a standard toy car, then this is the best choice you’ve got.

It comes with bright headlights, a steering wheel, clear mirrors, a remote controller as well as an Mp3 player. Besides, the toy pretty much resembles a real vehicle not to forget its multiple color choices.

3. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

Beyond doubt, every child loves Batman. Gifting them these Dune Racer will, therefore, make them feel supernatural. Its sleek layout, robust traction system and speed variation make it even more appealing.


With a capacity to move on uneven and wet surfaces, your kid will have an experience like no other. A toy car that can speed for up to 5MPH and has powerful brakes, your child’s experience will be exceptional.

4. Fisher-Price Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler

If you are looking for something to suit your baby girl, why not go for the Fisher-Price Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler? It has wheels made of hard treaded plastic, a sleek, shiny surface and also has maneuverability that can take your daughter’s driving experience to the next level.

With a mimic receiver that has six tunes, a remote controller and a stylish color, every little princess will absolutely love this car.

5. The Kawasaki KFX

Are you looking to surprise your boy with a toy that resembles a real All-terrain vehicle?The electric cars for kids that can give him the best riding experience? Well, the Kawasaki KFX is indeed what you are looking for. Its sturdy design and long-lasting structure will enable him to ride everywhere including on rough terrain or any other surfaces that the ordinary toy can’t.
Electric Car for kids
Kids’ electric cars have been designed with virtually all the functionalities of the conventional engine vehicles. They are even unique in that they produce no emissions and are cheap to maintain. Buying one for your kids is a great way to motivate them. With the above guide, however, you should be able to secure a reliable one.